Distractions Faced by Students Living in Hostels in Kota

Kota, also known as the Coaching Capital of India, attracts students from all over India preparing for competitive exams such as NEET/JEE.

A lot of students move to Kota, leaving their homes behind, and many of them choose to live in the hostels provided by the coaching institutes or the PGs nearby.

While these hostels provide a helpful environment for focused study, they also have a darker side to themselves, especially when it comes to distractions.

List of Distractions Faced by Students Living in Hostels in Kota –

1. Digital distractions

While staying away from home, the only way to make social connections is through digital applications. It has become very important to provide a cell phone to every student residing out of their homes because of safety issues and also to stay connected to their families.

These social connections can easily become social distractions when the students start giving an excessive amount of time to them. Social media, online games, and messaging apps become great distractions for these students, affecting their productive study hours.

2. Health-related distractions

Students living in a hostel are often distracted by poor health, either due to academic stress or insufficient self-care. The unhygienic food prepared in the hostel mess also contributes to bad health.

Poor health interferes with the student’s academic focus and minimizes their overall productivity.

3. Homesickness

When staying away from home, a child faces a lot of issues; homesickness is one of them and causes the child to lose focus on their goals. A student worries about their family when they’re not near and also miss their loved ones and the comfort of home.

The child is now on his own and may face a lot of issues because of that.

4. Bad company

A lot of students find the new independent life very exciting and adventurous, and they tend to lose sight of their goals in this excitement. These kinds of students also influence others around them, and it might lead them to be in a hazardous state.

Bad company is a disease that takes a long time to cure. Students should always keep in mind who they end up being friends with.


While living in hostels in Kota can be very beneficial to some students, for others it may be very unhealthy. Students should know very well how to cut out social distractions, how to maintain their physical and mental health, how to productively socialize, how to manage the emotional baggage of being away from home, and who to make friends with.

When a student masters all of these points, which can be very overwhelming for such a young age, only then can the student live happily and healthily in the environment of Kota hostels.

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