Is Kota Safe for Boy Students? A Guide for Parents & Kids

A lot of young boys from all over India move to Kota in the hope of getting into reputed Medical colleges/IITs and fulfilling their dreams of becoming doctors or engineers.

At such a young age, they face a lot of issues that come with living away from home. They have to manage everything on their own and take their lives into their own hands while balancing the academic stress that comes with living in Kota and realizing the wild competition.

5 Reasons Why Kota is Not Safe for Boy Students

1. Many boys coming to Kota opt to live in the hostels provided by the coaching institutes or take private accommodation such as Boys’ PG. These hostels and PGs are never safe for young boys, as there are no proper safety measures taken for the students, and the living conditions are very unhealthy as well. The hostels in Kota are always very overfull, and hence no personalized attention is given to a child. The child’s safety is in their own hands in Kota.

2. Reports of incidents of theft, bullying, and even physical molestation are very common in Kota, raising questions about the safety measures and protocols in the hostels.

3. The large number of students in Kota has resulted in overcrowded public transportation, due to which travelling daily to coaching institutes has become very dangerous for these students. A lot of accidents happen due to this condition, and overcrowding also makes it easy for bullies to harass young boys.

4. The atmosphere in Kota is highly competitive, which may cause exploitative behaviours from staff and peers towards a child who is not ahead of the crowd. Many cases of discrimination among the students have been reported, which leads to a constant feeling of competitiveness among peers.

5. This negative feeling of competitiveness leads to an urge to harm the other person. Young boys in Kota are not safe because of these reasons. The environment in Kota is cruel and unsafe for these students.


While Kota is a popular destination for the preparation of competitive exams, the safety concerns it puts on male students should not be ignored. Every student should be able to achieve their dreams without compromising their safety and well-being.

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