Is Kota Safe for Girl Students? A Guide for Parents & Kids

Kota is a city celebrated for its rich opportunities regarding competitive education, but the city has a darker side to it, which is a less-known fact. A big question arises about the safety of girls in this highly competitive environment.

In the modern world, people have become more aware of the fact that no girl is less than a boy, especially in academic terms. Parents want to provide the best possible education to their daughter to secure her future by being on her own rather than depending on others.

In the awareness of providing the best education, parents always tend their thoughts towards Kota, but is Kota safe for a female student?

7 Reasons Why Kota is Not Safe for Girl Students

1. The hostel conditions in Kota are worse than one might imagine- the overcrowded nature of Kota hostels provides no space for the privacy of a girl.

2. Cases of harassment and cruelty are often reported against these hostels, leaving their safety measures questionable. They do not care about the hygiene of female students, which is very crucial for a girl child. The lack of hygiene leads to numerous issues that they have to face.

3. Gender-based harassment and discrimination are reportedly faced by girl students. Cases of verbal and physical abuse have been reported, along with cases of eve-teasing, catcalling, and other biases. All of these reports raise a big concern for the overall safety of a girl in Kota.

4. Due to the overcrowded nature of this city, it becomes very difficult for a female student to commute to her coaching institute daily. Taking advantage of the crowd, the bullies find it easier to bully their victims in this kind of rush.

5. Harassment and theft are common issues while travelling in Kota, making it harder to get through. There needs to be more safer travel options, raising concerns for female students.

6. Girls studying in Kota have to face various restrictions posed by society, such as restrictions on engaging in extra-curricular activities, which interfere with the overall development of these students.

7. No allowance for recreation enhances the academic pressure faced by these young girls, and it has a huge impact on their physical as well as mental well-being. The health of a girl-child is also not safe in Kota, like the child herself.


While Kota is a popular destination for the preparation of competitive exams, the safety concerns it puts on female students should not be ignored. Every student should be able to achieve their dreams without compromising their safety and well-being.

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