Should You Go to Kota for NEET/JEE Coaching or Study at Home?

Should You Go to Kota for NEET/JEE Coaching or Study at Home?

Whenever a child chooses to begin the preparation for a seat in a reputed medical college or an IIT, there are a lot of questions that linger in their head. The hustle for the unknown puts them in a confused state, and it seems hard to organize the nagging questions in their heads.

They are often bewildered by the number of options there are to begin their journey through NEET/IIT. These questions tend to overwhelm the students. The thought of whether one should go off to Kota to begin their preparation or if it would be better to stay at home is persistent in every student beginning their journey. Kota is a place that is associated with academic excellence and offers top-notch education to prepare for these examinations.

It is a common belief that going to Kota will be rewarding in terms of academic success, but Kota doesn’t provide a seat in medical colleges/ IITs; it only provides the education required to make your way to the seat. Travelling to Kota for their preparation can be rewarding for some students, but for most of them, it becomes a devastating experience because of the mental pressure, the wild competition, and the unhealthy way to deal with it.

Often, students lose their sanity while trying to go up the pyramid that is formed in Kota, and it becomes threatening to their mental as well as physical health. Since the dawn of COVID-19, online education has gained a lot of popularity. Quality education was provided to students in the comfort of their homes at a reasonable price.

The side effects of online education are many as well- prolonged use of screens causes defects in the eye and may also become a reason for various health issues; long sitting hours can cause back pain and other related issues. Children tend to lose their goals in the comfort and ease of home. Without a live teacher, they don’t take their work seriously.

The perfect balance of both of these options is Career and Courses where students are constantly reminded of their goals and are provided with nurture and care. The students of Career and Courses are treated in a way designed individually for each of them.

From meditation to recreational activities, the mental and physical health of the students are prioritized, and academic success is guaranteed. The precisely cultivated study material and regular evaluation are what keep the students highly motivated. Career and Courses is indeed the best option to begin your journey of preparation.

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