Is There Any Coaching in West Bengal Like the Kota System?

Is There Any Coaching in West Bengal Like the Kota System

Kota is a hub of educational institutes, especially the ones that offer coaching for NEET/JEE. It is the capital of competitive exams. Any student thinking about a future in medicine or IIT thinks about moving to Kota and leaving his/her family behind. Even though Kota is a great option for the preparation of competitive exams like NEET/JEE yet there are a lot of downsides to this city.

Academic pressure, vigorous competition, and unhealthy routines cause the students to lose themselves in the crowd and go into a darker place known as depression. Taking on so much stress at such a young age causes students to lose their mental peace. The lack of individualized attention is an issue that creates uncertainty among students.

Students from culturally different backgrounds, such as Bengali students, face a lot of issues in this educational capital of a city. The transition in the instructional language is the main issue, which creates a communication gap between the students and the teacher. Students become unable to ask their questions and clear their doubts because of the language barrier and start feeling isolated and alone. The change in food and environment adds to their ache.

By considering all these sufferings of our children, we have brought KOTA IN KOLATA! Kota in Kolkata is an effort made by the Career and Courses that bring the academic excellence of Kota to our home. Career and Courses is an institute that provides top-grade coaching for students preparing for NEET/IIT. It is an institute where the mental health of the students is prioritized.

Various recreational activities are initiated by the institute to maintain the mental as well as physical health of the students. The students are bestowed with the comfort of home in the new residential model launched by Career and Courses, where they are nurtured in a green environment and taught how to pave their way towards a medical college or an IIT.

The children are provided with individualized guidance, and their progress is kept in check through regular assessments. Well-regulated meditation sessions and customized counselling never let the students feel insecure. All the student’s needs are kept in check, and any issue faced by the student is resolved right away.

The exceptional faculty of careers and courses use their methodologies to involve every student’s interest and approach each student directly. The fun learning experience doubled with nurture and care, can be found nowhere else but in Career and Courses.

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